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Episode 37

This week we talk about towels, welcome a new sponsor, and Mary and Chris go head to head with which story is better (or worse.) Mary won to be clear.

Episode 36

In addition to reviewing grooming products, we hear about Mary's journey across the country with a husband, 4 dogs, a bird to get to her new home in Washington. We also hear from Chris about the cool and amazing new products coming out from her own journey to Groom Expo and Superzoo.

Episode 35

Take responsibility for yourself. We once again have Anjie Coates on the pod discussing the legalities of conceal carry as well as sexual harrassment in the workplace. We also find out about fairy sound editor Laura and her healthcare plight.

Episode 34

We needed a little break from the heavy topics of late. So we’ve had a little fun with our PSA on how to behave on the internet. Oh, and it’s Allstate that has Mayhem. We know because we spent an inordinate amount of time researching it on YouTube.

Episode 33

****Trigger Warning**** We continue the discussion regarding safety at trade shows with Anjie Coates. This episode may not be suitable for younger listeners.

Episode 32

****Trigger Warning*****Our guest Anjie Coates is a former law enforcement office. We get down to the nitty gritty regarding personal safety at trade shows. We will discuss some hard hitting topics such as rape and murder.

Episode 31

Ask Mary and Chris anything part 2. We cover security, apparel and how to approach vendors for sponsorships.

Episode 30

Trade shows, trade shows, trade shows. Mary and Chris discuss the in's and outs of trade shows. How do you even choose which ones to go to.


Sticking to our guns. Mary and Chris discuss letting our clients know the rules of our business and that "no" is a complete sentence. Special guest starring Mary's dogs Cecil and Speedy.

A side note- we are really grateful to our sound editor this episode in particular.

Episode 28:

Dematting- We can only imagine what non pet professionals think this episode is about. And as usual, Chris is having a hard time keeping her mind out of the gutter.

Episode 27

No sound editor this week. It may be showing, but Chris and Mary soldier on. Main topic tonight tonight is alternate retirement options for groomers. And don't miss out on how Chris found herself in church.

Episode 26

The ask us anything live podcast. Mary and Chris answer all your burning questions, including who we would want to have as our celebrity bather.

Episode 25

Mary and Chris discuss the how's and why's of equipment maintenance. And that 90's beverage, we were talking about that had the gross congealed balls (not tapioca) was Orbitz soda.

Wahl Total solutions organizer- (at Groomers Mall)

CPC blade holder

Shear holder:

Episode 24

Remember this lines to one of Meatloaf's songs. "You'll never find a coupe de ville at the bottom of a cracker jack box, never dig for gold on a sandy beach. Your looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks...." Yeah, it's all about setting expectations with what you're given to work with. Mary and Chris discuss how to establish those expectations.

Episode 23

Most mobile groomers and house callers work by ourselves. We tend to be one man operations even if we have multiple employees. How do we stay motivated to keep on keeping on? Mary And Chris have a whole lot to say about it.

Episode 22

We all get them. Silly client requests. And please give our sound editor some props when the conversation turns to what exactly is an inch. She kept it professional.

Episode 21:

Yeah, heatstroke can most certainly occur while grooming in homes and mobile units. Mary and Chris discuss ways to prevent and treat if necessary.

Episode 20:

Summertime can be especially problematic for mobilers and house callers. Mary and Chris discuss way around these problems. Mary wonders who actually designed the roads in New Jersey and were they sober. Chris had a lot to say about the GoT ending. Small children and client alert.

Episode 19:

As Mary approached retiring from grooming, She and Chris discuss the process along with career options afterwards. Promised links: Cinnaholic: The Upside: Turquoise water droplet

Episode 18

Making the most of the trade shows. Join Mary and Chris as they talk about getting the most out of your trade show experience. Also, Mary drops an F bomb! Mobile Groomer's Bible: July also includes Groom Texas in Houston (July 19-21) and the Toronto Ontario Grooming Show (July 27 and 28)

Episode 17

Mary and Chris dispel many of the grooming myths we have all heard of in our careers. The Groompod episode referenced is 204.

Episode 16

As usual Mary and Chris manage to combine topics that under normal circumstances have no connection. We present productivity and organization in the mobile groomers world and have thrown in Loki for good measure. Angela’s workshop on productivity:

Episode 15

Way too much stuff on marketing to do it in one episode. So, we bring you part 2.

Episode 14

Mary and Chris delve into marketing a mobile or house call business. Plus our promised links:

Episode 13

Both Mary and Chris practice reiki amongst other modalities and discuss how they incorporate it into their grooming.

Episode 12

Today we talk about Routines- but as usual Mary and Chris may go off on a few tangents and also talk about trade shows, balance when dieting, and even a bit of potty humor!

Episode 11

Mary and Chris offer invaluable insights and suggestions to get your business up and running.

Promised links:

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Hot Logic (mini)

Women PetPrenuers with Anjie Coates: (episode 13)

Episode 10

Emotional Trigger Warning. Mary and Chris discuss dealing with grief, loss, and other life altering situations while trying to work. Oh, and the Northwest Grooming Show may have been mentioned as well. Groomer Grief support group:

Suicide Prevention Hotline:
They do also offer 24/7 chat too

National Alliance of Grooming Associations

Emergen- C

Episode 9

Mary and Chris discuss why website security is a must as well as all goings on at APF. I believe we just coined the term "Convention Hangover." You're welcome.

Episode 8

Trials and tribulations of keeping a healthy weight and Pooh Bear makes an unexpected appearance. Chris likes Weight Watchers and Mary likes Noom.

Episode 7

Mary and Chris discuss ways to easily take care of ourselves so that we can all enjoy a long career. And we get to meet Spike Jr. Helpful links include

Episode 6

Mary and Chris discuss how as professionals we convey that to our clients. Chris recommends Tarte, Smashbox, Urban Decay, and Kat Von D. Mary’s potato pancake recipe is: peel and grate 3 large potatoes and one onion, add in black pepper, one egg, and enough flour to keep it together. Fry as a pancake in olive oil.

Episode 5

We talk about when &$%! hits the fan! (NOTE: There are squeaky toy sound effects in this episode) Funny stories/antidotes of Chris and Mary’s tales of grooming on the road!

If you would like Chris's Mock Tuna Salad and see a photo of Adam Levine matching Chris's pillow, visit out FB page at

Episode 4

Mary and Chris discuss moving your mobile and house call grooming business. We are joined by our special guest and sound editor extraordinaire, Laura Civello Hearn.

Episode 3

Let’s discuss setting boundaries with our clients and protecting ourselves from clients.


Groomers are a diverse bunch. We all find our way by different routes. Mary and Chris discuss how they got started in the pet industry, as well as their start on the road.


It's our first episode of The Traveling Groomers! Mary is mobile and Chris is Housecall. This first episode id all about our equipment. Some promised links:

The Groom Pod Discussion Group, Shampoos And The Grooming Industry, and that wonderful thermos.