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Episode 8

Trials and tribulations of keeping a healthy weight and Pooh Bear makes an unexpected appearance. Chris likes Weight Watchers and Mary likes Noom.

Episode 7

Mary and Chris discuss ways to easily take care of ourselves so that we can all enjoy a long career. And we get to meet Spike Jr. Helpful links include

Episode 6

Mary and Chris discuss how as professionals we convey that to our clients. Chris recommends Tarte, Smashbox, Urban Decay, and Kat Von D. Mary’s potato pancake recipe is: peel and grate 3 large potatoes and one onion, add in black pepper, one egg, and enough flour to keep it together. Fry as a pancake in olive oil.

Episode 5

We talk about when &$%! hits the fan! (NOTE: There are squeaky toy sound effects in this episode) Funny stories/antidotes of Chris and Mary’s tales of grooming on the road!

If you would like Chris's Mock Tuna Salad and see a photo of Adam Levine matching Chris's pillow, visit out FB page at

Episode 4

Mary and Chris discuss moving your mobile and house call grooming business. We are joined by our special guest and sound editor extraordinaire, Laura Civello Hearn.

Episode 3

Let’s discuss setting boundaries with our clients and protecting ourselves from clients.


Groomers are a diverse bunch. We all find our way by different routes. Mary and Chris discuss how they got started in the pet industry, as well as their start on the road.


It's our first episode of The Traveling Groomers! Mary is mobile and Chris is Housecall. This first episode id all about our equipment. Some promised links:

The Groom Pod Discussion Group, Shampoos And The Grooming Industry, and that wonderful thermos.