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Episode 11: Susy Scott

One notably known as one half of the The Groom Pod along with Barbara Bird. But did you know she also has a rollercoaster podcast? Her life has been an inspirational journey. We are so glad she made it to the pet industry.

Episode 10: Maggie Springer

Episode 10- Maggie Springer is an extraordinary enterprising young business owner. She believes that women need to uplift and encourage each other. You can follow her on any of these social media platforms. YOUTUBE:




Her website is

Episode 9: Laura Civello Hearn

Episode 9 Laura Civello Hearn is the author of the most complete book ever on House Call grooming. and on Amazon. In addition, Laura speaks at many professional pet industry conferences, as well as is involved in NYS Grooming Association  Her facebook group is for those groomers who are interested in house call grooming and want to network with like professionals.

Episode 8: Sandy Gyorgyi

Sandy Gyorgi is the owner of ShowSeasons. Sandy truly cares about groomers and it’s evident in her products and her partnerships with groomers. Her tent sale, the day before Atlanta Pet Fair, is the place to be. Sandy has vendors, super specials, and some of the best in the industry for casual, but informative lectures and demos.  Sandy was one of the first manufacturers to completely disclose ingredients. Find her on Facebook and her website at

Episode 7: Barbara Bird

What can I say. BARBARA BIRD!!!!! Barbara serves the groomers and the clients they serve through education. Barbara has tirelessly worked on our behalf in spite of backlash. She’s a pip and I love her dearly. Follow her podcast at and

Episode 6: Randi Sands

The shorter list might be what Randi hasn’t done. Whatever she does, it’s from the heart and on the forefront. Randi is fearless advocate for herself and others. Check out her latest and greatest.

Episode 5: Daryl Conner

If you’ve ever seen the term WWDD, that’s directly referencing What Would Daryl Do. Daryl has done it all from house call to mobile to shop to home based to speaking to writing. I could continue the list, but I’d be here all day. Daryl is the face of nice. Always offering advice and wisdom to all that ask. And she has the best Facebook Business page I’ve ever seen.

Episode 4: Zoya Thomas

Episode 4- Zoya Thomas. Zoya is a fellow mobile groomer who is using her business as a means of completing her education without student loans. Zoya is an archaeologist, in addition to owning her own mobile grooming business. I am so impressed with her drive and dedication.

Episode 3: Jess Rosen

Jess knows insects and the part they will play in the future of our planet. When Jess found herself with an injury that prevented her from doing what she set out to do, she took her knowledge and created a niche with tropical roaches and has ran with it.  She founded the Laughing Lizard Company. You can find Jess here:

Episode 2: Chris Anthony Bear

Episode2- Chris Anthony Bear is a trailblazer in the housecall grooming industry. Unheard of until recently. Chris started her business on a shoestring and a prayer and is now teaching others how to start their own housecall grooming business.  Find Chris over at

Episode 1: Judy Hudson

Episode 1- Judy Hudson is one half of The Grooming Professors ( Judy has devoted her life to the pet industry and was one of the earliest mobile groomers. Her journey has not always been easy, but nonetheless, she persisted. Judy wants to inspire other women to follow their dreams. In spite of her busy schedule, she has found time to work with Rodan and Fields. Follow her page at

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