Pawsitive Educational Training offers a wide variety of educational seminars and workshops and can custom design any topic to meet your needs.


Anatomy Of An Ad

During this hour seminar, you will learn the necessary elements of a successful ad, as well as how to put one together on your own.

Client Relations

During this hour seminar, I will discuss client relations. Why they are important, the components of successful client skills, how to train new clients, and turning a seemingly difficult client into your number one fan.

Client Surveys

During this hour seminar, I will show you how to craft an effective client survey form. You will learn why surveys are a valuable marketing and gather insights to better run your business.

Insurance For Pet Professionals

During this hour seminar, I will show you how to understand your policies and ensure you have adequate coverage.

Marketing 101 For Pet Groomers

Effective marketing can make the difference between a successful business and one that is floundering. Learn how to market your business with this easy step by step tutorial.–2 hours

Speaker 101

This one hour seminar covers the tips, tricks,and expertise from experienced speakers.

Time Management

Never seems to have enough time to get anything done. This one hour seminar covers tips and techniques to effectively manage your time.

Website Security

After this one hour workshop you will learn why hackers want to compromise your website and ways to protect yourself from hackers.

Cat Grooming

20 Must Have Cat Grooming Tools

This one hour seminar covers the must have cat grooming tools, including the why’s and how's.

Cat vs. Products

This one hour seminar covers why cats cannot metabolize many ingredients found in dog safe grooming products, as well as how to read labels and the difference between MSDS and ingredient lists.

You Had Me At Meow

Cats can communicate with us without making a sound. Their tails, ears, and eyes tell an entire story. It is up to the professional groomer to understand the meaning! Once you understand feline body language, you will wish you had groomed them years ago. -1hour

Setting Up A Cat Grooming Business

Cat grooming is an undertapped market. Let Mary walk you through adding cat grooming to your existing business or better yet, become your area’s cat only grooming facility. 1-hour

Pet Grooming

Grooming Shop Safety

Mary will take you through your entire salon from reception to prep area to bathing to drying to finishing with the safety of the pet and groomer in mind. -1 hour

Harmonizing The Grooming Shop

Learn easy and effective methods to reduce the stimuli in a grooming environment. Less stimulated pets are easier and happier to groom. -1 hour

The Complete Mobile Groomer

Everything you wanted to know about mobile grooming from the business to the grooming end. Can be broken up into 4 one hour sessions.-4 hours

The Comprehensive Mobile Groomer

This is a two day intensive look at mobile grooming. Taught by Mary Oquendo and Beth Cristiano, who together have 30 years experience in mobile grooming. Whether you are thinking about mobile grooming or already own your business let these two“old dogs”teach you new tricks. Everything you wanted to know about mobile grooming from the business to the grooming end.

Mobile Grooming Safety

Mobile grooming presents its own unique set of challenges. Mary will take you from“stem to stern” with your mobile grooming van/trailer. 2 hours

Salon Sanitation

Learn the how’s and why’s to prevent cross contamination in your grooming facility to protect your clients, your employees, and yourself.-2 hours


Bleeding Injuries In The Grooming Shop

We work with live animals, accidents can and do happen. Are you prepared to handle bleeding injuries? This one hour seminar discusses how to get bleeding injuries under control and wrapped. This is not a hands on workshop.

All About Dental and Pets

Are you knowledgeable about dental disease and effective methods to keep a pets teeth clean. This one hour seminar cover anatomy and physiology of pets teeth. Increase your bottom line with the knowledge and productsto share with your clients. This is not a scaling class.

Emergency And Disaster Shop Planning

Are you prepared to leave at a moments notice? Are you prepared to leave your business with your clients at a moments notice? As the police cruiser is circling your block informing you of an evacuation is not the time to plan. Those who plan for emergencies fare better than those who don’t. Learn how to make that plan in this 2 hour seminar that follows FEMA guidelines.

Pet First Aid Kits

This one hour seminar will help you put together a professional pet first aid kit with an emphasis on cat safe products. In addition, I will discuss how to use each of items. -1 hour

Available as a free recording on our online Teacheable school.

Pet Proofing Your Home

Just got a new bundle of joy. This one hour seminar will take you from room to room, as well as the exterior of your home to make it safe for the newest arrival.

Pet Tech Pet CPR, First Aid, and Care 5

and 8 hour class

5 hour covers Priorities and Concerns of Emergency Procedures, Restraining and Muzzling, Primary Pet Assessment, RescueBreathing, CPR, Choking, Bleeding, Shock and Fractures, Poisoning, Insect Bites and Stings, Snakebite, Heat and Cold Injuries, Seizures, Vitals, Pet First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Kits, and Snout To TailAssessments.

8 hour covers all of the 5 hour plus Senior Care and Dental Care.

Snout To Tail Assesments and Seizures

This one hour seminar will cover the importance and professionalism demonstrated by performing a snout to tail assessment before the grooming, as well as discuss seizures and establish a protocol.

Traveling With Dogs

Vacationing with or without your dog can be stressful if you haven’t planned effectively. This one hour seminar will discuss boarding, traveling, and vacationing with your dog.

Traditional Therapies

and Wellness

All About Animal Chakras

Why Is It Important To Know The Status Of Your Pets Chakra System? Because it is the first line of defense for your pet’s health and well-being.Learn about their 8 main chakras and the role each plays in your pets wellbeing.

Available on our Teachable school.

Energetic Work With Animals

Are you energetic practitioner that is looking to begin working with animals. This 3 hour hands on workshop will prepare you to make that transition. This workshop covers behaviors of dogs and cats, as well as appropriate and effective tools and techniques. Mary is a well seasoned animal practitioner. Let her share her vast experience with you!

Getting To Know Your Crystal Meditation

This half hour seminar/meditation will connect you to a crystal of your choosing. Understand what that crystal can mean for you.


This one hour seminar will discuss what grounding is and why it is important. Learn easy and fun ways to keep yourself grounded, as well as how to ground your pets.

Heart-Mind Grid

This half hour seminar will walk you through making your own heart-mind crystal grid.

Interactive Crystal Grid Workshop

Learn about the healing and physicalmproperties of crystal grids? You can easily understand crystal grids even if you’re a beginner with this interactive workshop.

Love Grid

This half hour seminar will walk you through making your own love grid.


This one hour seminar will discuss the importance of regular meditation, as well as teach easy and fun ways to meditate. Meditation improves both mental and physicalabilities.

Reiki I and II

This 6-hour workshop covers the history, benefits, and how to use reiki in your everyday and professional. This is a practitioner class,so you will receive the attunement for 4 symbols. Manuals and certificate of completion are provided for each student.

Reiki III

Take your Reiki practice to the next level. Receive and work with the master level Reiki symbols to empower yourself and your healing abilities. This is a 6 hour workshop.Manuals and certificate of completion are provided for each student. Prerequisites are Reiki I and II.

Traditional Therapies For Pets

This one hour seminar will discuss various traditional healing modalities that are available for pets.

Understanding And Balancing Chakras

This one hour seminar covers the importance of each chakra, its function, and easy ways to keep them balanced. A healthy, balanced chakra system is vital for good health.

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