3 Ways To Advocate For Your Pets

We know you love them, but do you advocate for your pets?

There are 3 parts to being an advocate for your pets. The first is situational awareness.

Is the environment causing your pet stress? Are there other animals or too many people or kids looking to touch them? How can you tell if your pet is becoming fearful or aggressive? 

The clues lie in their body language. And body language differs between cats and dogs. For dogs, Victoria Stilwell has this wonderful article. And for cats, check out this chart. 

The second part is professional clarity. Are you making your pets needs clear with your pet professionals? Is there an open dialogue between you and your veterinarian, groomers, and pet sitter? Dr. Nancy Kay, author of Speaking For Spot has created these free forms just for you. 

The third is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Find pet professionals you trust. Ask them to make you a better pet owner. And then follow their recommendations. 

Your pets give unconditional love and companionship to us, the least we can do is be their advocate and provide a quality life for them.