We educate pet owners and their professionals through Pawsitive Educational Training. We inspire pet professionals with The Women PetPreneur Podcast. We care for their health and wellbeing by offering Hands And Paws Reiki For All.

Spirited Dog Productions knows your pets mean the world to you, so we open up your world for them.


Let Me Help You Return Their Love Through:


Pawsitive Educational Training

Pawsitive Educational Training offers online and on site workshops and seminars in business, dog and cat grooming, safety, wellness, metaphysics, and integrative health, both affordably and easily accessible for pet professionals and pet owners.

The Mobile Groomers Bible

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When Mary and Beth went mobile respectively in 2002 and 2003, there was little to no education particular to mobile grooming and experience was the best teacher. They made a ton of mistakes, but learned from each and every one of them. The Mobile Groomers Bible is a labor of love and represents, between Beth and Mary, a cumulative experience of 45+ years.   If you want to be one of the first to be notified of the launch, sign up below.

Spirited Dog Podcasts

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Women Petpreneurs showcases women leaders, icons, mover and shakers, as well as up and comers and how they shape the landscape of the pet industry regardless of the obstacles placed in their way.

The Traveling Groomers with Mary Oquendo and Chris Bear Anthony delve into the world of mobile and house call groomers.

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Hi, I'm Mary Oquendo and I am Spirited Dog Productions


I love all animals. Everything I do focuses around animals.I first started Pawsitively Pretty Mobile Grooming in 2002. Mobile grooming allowed me to have that one on one time with each pet. When I couldn’t find information I felt was necessary to grow my business, I took things in my own hands and added Pawsitive Educational Training to my lineup.As a nationally recognized innovator and educator within the professional pet industry, I wanted to offer educational opportunities for pet owners to Pawsitive Educational Training as well. I value continuing education and spend hundreds of hours every year learning better ways to serve your pets.In 2012, I opened Hands And Paws-Reiki For All. As a holistic pet groomer, I wanted to offer wellness opportunities for your pets that my pets already benefited from.

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